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About Us

Sanmark Investments is an industry leader and one of the region’s most experienced commercial real estate investment and development firms. Building on its entrepreneurial approach to real property investment, its professionalism and vision, Sanmark continues a long history of exceptional performance and a commitment to seeking quality real estate opportunities in the Gulf-South and Gulf-Coast markets of the United States.

Sanmark’s management team emulates the highest standards of integrity in real estate, investments and finance. The key to our success at Sanmark is a highly experienced staff, attentive to every detail of business and personal environments. Sanmark prides itself in its employees. Our people are skilled professionals who exhibit hands on management capabilities. We are committed to working closely with our clients and with each other. The executive staff of Sanmark directs the activities of Development, Management, Construction, Finance and Marketing. Dedicated professionals in each of these areas move the projects and the company forward and provides profitable investment opportunities and value-added services to our investors. Our goal is to evaluate opportunities and create value, improve performance, and maximize profitability, on every project we undertake.

Property Characteristics

Known for combining elegant architecture with construction of the highest quality to provide working and living developments that are unparalleled. We acquire properties that will mature well over time, having aesthetic appeal with timeless features which contribute to attracting and retaining residents and providing strong long term investment results. We also seek properties that have, or have the potential for a lean expense structure.

Community Characteristics

For years, we have blended our commercial real estate expertise with the skillful interpretation of demographic data to determine the optimal sites for our projects. We invest in properties in communities and markets with steady demand growth, focusing on waterfront, vacation and marina oriented communities.

The company is built on a solid financial base with talented, experienced and motivated people, with a business approach that is both aggressive and realistic. Sanmark is committed to the success of each and every project, and each and every investor.

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