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Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Sanmark Investments, L.P. is a fully integrated real estate investment company, organized to deliver a comprehensive range of real estate services focusing on development, redevelopment, management, and disinvestment of high-quality, commercial, retail, multi-family and hospitality properties, in the Gulf-South and the Gulf-Coast regions of the United States.

At Sanmark, the business of real estate is just a part of the picture. Sanmark’s strengths are in its people, principal orientation, performance and business relationships. We strive to exceed the expectations of our investors, our lenders, and all that we serve, while adhering to high ethical standards, which has given us a solid reputation for honesty and integrity.


Sanmark is committed to enhancing the overall quality of real estate in the communities we develop, while providing exceptional value through dedication to our guiding principles of leadership, excellence, accountability, cooperation, and respect.


Our basic investment philosophy is to acquire quality properties at value prices with the most appropriate financing structure given the dynamics of each market in which we invest. But most importantly, we manage risk to deliver superior results. This basic philosophy affords our investors a proven approach that stresses consistent performance regardless of the economic cycle.

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